Did you know that 80% of back pain issues are due to bad postural habits? That is why 6 years ago, Percko’s founders created Lyne UP, the first undergarment that teaches you better posture when standing or sitting.

Lyne UP has been developed to:

  • alleviate the loss of back support function
  • increase your awareness of poor back positions
  • help the recovery of basale back muscle tone
  • protect the back against muscles imbalances
  • All of this in the long term

How can an undergarment do that to your back?

It’s all down to the Lyne technology, a patented tensor system made of “elastic bands” (called tensors) that will stimulate your posture throughout the day. When you stand or sit correctly, you hardly feel it; but as soon as you start to slouch or lean sideways, you feel an elastic resistance that encourages you to straighten up and maintain a better posture.

If you visit a physiotherapist for back or neck pain they are likely to show you how to position your back properly. By putting one hand on your chest and the other and your lower back , they will bring you body backwards to restore your balance and realign your spine. This mechanical stimulation is replicated by the tensor system integrated in Lyne UP. It’s a very simple mechanism; by straightening up you will stimulate your deep back muscles, reinforcing your back and helping to reduce back and neck pain.

How and when to use Lyne UP

Often the consequence of a sedentary lifestyle, musculoskeletal disorders like back and neck pain are responsible for a significant number of lost days within the workplace.

Lyne UP has been developed to support more sedentary activities that don’t require much movement or back stimulation. For example, Lyne UP is perfect for when you’re working at a desk, preventing you from slouching in front of your computer; it’s also ideal when your job or task requires you to stand for an extended period.

Is isolation a good time to wear Lyne UP?

Having been in lockdown for more than a month, many of us are starting to feel the effects on our neck, shoulders and lower back. As explained in previous blog posts, home working and the lack of an effective workspace, plus a potentially more stressful environment, can lead to increased back pain.

Wearing a Lyne UP undergarment during lockdown can help you adopt a better posture, stimulate your back muscles and reduce the risk and occurrence of back pain!

Can I be sure that it works?

After almost 6 years of helping people and their backs, we received huge amounts of feedback from our customers about the impact of Lyne UP. This feedback confirms that 80% of people that wear Lyne UP experience less pain after one week. In addition to reduced pain, users report that they feel less tired thanks to their improved posture.

There have also been various independent studies carried out by third parties, including a commercial organisation measuring the impact of Lyne UP on it’s employees, plus research undertaken by a university and several educational institutes. The results of these studies are available on request from Anchor Safety.

Percko Lyne Technology

If home working is leading to back & neck pain, talk to us about the Percko posture support solution.The Percko Lyne technology is a patented system of elastic tensors with three different intensity levels that affect your entire back, including shoulders, spine and lower back. The award-winning technology applies gentle pressure in the right places to support good posture and reduce the risk of back pain.

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