Up to 1 ton of pressure on your spinal discs

Failing to lift a heavy load without using the proper technique – keeping your back straight and the load close to the centre of gravity – can have a huge impact on your back. In addition to the strain on your arms and shoulders, the discs in your spine can be subjected to pressure of up to 1 ton (the weight of a small modern car!)

Leaning forward = Double head weight

Looking at your phone with your head tilting forward multiplies its weight by x 2. Your cervical muscles and the muscles in your neck are subjected to significant stresses, which can lead to muscle pain, joint pain and headaches.


1. Using your mobile phone for a long period

  • Try to put your left hand under your right armpit.
  • When holding the phone, lock your right arm by resting it on your left arm.

Your phone will be at eye level and the flexion of your head will be almost zero.

2. Doing the dishes

  • Try to get the sink level with your elbows.
  • To do this, bend your knees a little and do a small lunge, spreading your legs slightly on each side.

This gives you good balance and good weight distribution.

3. Vacuuming

  • Remember to adjust the vacuum cleaner hose so that you can keep your back straight and not lean forward. The handle of the vacuum cleaner should reach a level between your hips and your elbows.
  • To vacuum under the furniture, put your knees on the ground, or even lie on the floor to avoid unnecessary bending.

4. Ironing

  • To avoid bending your back, adjust the ironing board so it’s level with your elbows.
  • Make sure you stand straight in front of the board and avoid sudden twisting movements (such as reaching for a new piece of clothing or placing a shirt on a hanger).
  • If necessary, do a front lunge to relieve any pressure you start to feel in your back.

5. Binge-watching

  • When you’re slouching or curled up on the sofa watching TV, your joints and muscles aren’t mobilised enough.
  • It is essential to taking regular breaks from the TV, and do some physical activity, such as standing up straight between each episode to stretch your legs.

5. Gardening

  • Try to kneel on the ground, rather than bending. If it’s wet take a padded plastic knee-pad or a wooden board (perhaps with an old piece of carpet or foam)..
  • Choose the right tools for a job, with the handle position/height suited to your size.
  • If you’re working at height, use a stepladder to avoid stretching your arms too far.

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