Home working & bad posture

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic the majority of organisations now have teams of, usually office-based, employees working from home. With most employees not able to access effective or suitable home-office facilities, many are probably starting to feel the effect of it on their back and neck.

In addition, the current lock-down period brings an increasingly sedentary and isolated lifestyle, with more limited opportunities for movement and much higher risks of pain in the lower back, neck and shoulders.

The Solution

The Percko Lyne technology is a patented system of elastic tensors with three different intensity levels that affect your entire back, including shoulders, spine and lower back. The award-winning technology applies gentle pressure in the right places to support good posture and reduce the risk of back pain.

Percko incorporates Lyne technology in two products: Lyne UP and Lyne PRO. Lyne UP is an undergarment recommended for sedentary activities like home working. All Percko solutions are lightweight and comfortable, you’ll barely notice wearing it. And thanks to Percko’s sizing guide, you can be sure of a perfect fit.

Designed by a team of team of experts in biomechanics, healthcare and ergonomics, Percko products deliver an innovative, simple and effective solution to back pain for the home-worker and beyond.

Maximum Comfort

Made from soft and breathable materials, Lyne Up is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day.

Ergonomic Design

Working, exercising, or relaxing, the Lyne system allows full freedom of movement while improving your posture.

Invisible under your clothes

The Lyne Up undergarment is like second skin, completely hidden under your regular clothes.

Recommended by Experts

Including Biomechanics, Occupational Health specialists and Ergonomic experts.

What an expert has to say
Jeff Ross - Harris Ross Physiotherapy, Manchester.

Partner with Anchor
Exclusive distributors of the Percko Lyne Technology range in the UK.

At Anchor Safety, our primary mission is to ensure that your staff always have the right PPE to hand, for every task and safety exposure, and that it’s protection that they will WANT to wear to help them go home safely every day. We are also experts in helping you provide additional solutions focused on Prevention as well as Protection – looking after their long-term health and wellbeing when carrying out tasks where the long-terms risks are not as obvious.

We are proud to be Percko’s exclusive distributor in the UK;  delivering  the Percko for Professionals range of innovative and preventive PPE solutions, and helping UK employees look after their backs at work and at home.

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